Don't Rely on Your Cell Phone in an Emergency

Arrange for landline installation services in Portland, OR and surrounding area

We know that everyone uses a smartphone now, but what would you do in an emergency if your cell phone died? What if you couldn't get service in a life-or-death situation? Smart homeowners in the Portland, OR area get landline installation services. The experts at Prime Integration Systems, Inc. recommend that everyone uses this reliable communication option.

Landlines are ideal for...

Homeowners with DSL internet
Homeowners in area with poor cell service
Elderly homeowners who need a reliable phone line in case of an emergency

Call our company now to schedule landline installation services.

Trust the data wiring experts

Trust the data wiring experts

Prime Integration Systems specializes in data wiring installation services. Our team can design and set up a data wiring system that meets your needs. This is especially important if you want a multi-phone system or lightning-fast internet.

We can also wire your home for surveillance systems and audio or video systems. Get in touch with us now to set up data wiring installation services.